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Farm Tours & Agritourism in Ireland

Experts in Irish Agricultural Farm Tours across a range of sectors including Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Arable & Tillage Farms, Equestrian Centres, Garden, Market Garden and Horticultural Tours, Marine & Aquaculture Tours and more.

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We have been running farm tours in Ireland since we began. Our team have specialised knowledge in Irish Agriculture. We can arrange for your guests to focus on a single discipline while enjoying the sights of Ireland or you can add variety to the itinerary by choosing from Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Pork, Fruit & Vegetables, Nursery Stock, Horticultural & Arable Tours in Ireland. As a founding member of Agricultural Tour Operators International, Discover Ireland Tours has the knowledge and experience to provide your guests with an enjoyable and informative Agricultural or Agribusiness Tour in Ireland

Dairy Cows as seen on our Farm Tours of Ireland

Dairy Tours of Ireland

Irish dairy products are of a high-quality and include liquid milk, butter, casein, cheese, whole milk powder and whey.

If you are primarily interested in dairy we can mainly focus on providing tours of authentically Irish Dairy Farms & facilities. Learn about the practices that provide Ireland with superior dairy yields from our expert and varied range of suppliers, speakers and contacts.

Ireland also has a thriving dairy products industry, and we can include visits to such businesses moving milk up the value chain into a huge array of products which are exported across the world.

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Beef Tours of Ireland

Ireland's 7 million cattle are fed nearly exclusively on the country's high quality, fast growing grass.

Visit Ireland's best beef producers and try some of the finest meat products in the world.

Talk to farmers and learn what day to day life is like on uniquely Irish Cattle Farms

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Our pig farms of Ireland are part of our agricultural tours

Pig Farm Tours of Ireland

Pig farming in Ireland has become a highly specialised operation. Around 300 herds make up the bulk of the pig meat produced in Ireland. With an average of 500 sows in these herds, tours of commercial pig farms in Ireland allow your group to see the modern systems involved in pig farming.

Outside of these huge agribusiness enterprises there are hundreds of pig farms on a smaller scale, as well as farms where pigs are not the main source of income. Tours of traditional Irish piggeries can also be arranged for your group.

Sheep farming is the third biggest agricultural business in Ireland

Sheep Tours of Ireland

The main extensive sheep farming areas of Ireland include Donegal, Mayo, Galway, Wicklow and Kerry. These are the most mountainous areas of Ireland which cannot be used for Tillage, beef or dairy farming.

There are also lowland intensive sheep farming operations across the country, and we can arrange visits to a range of sheep farming types.

Almost all Irish sheep farms focus on lamb meat as their main product. Wool production is just a byproduct, and there are a few niche producers of mutton and sheep's milk.

There are over 3 million sheep in Ireland so you are bound to come across them while you travel the country but if you would prefer to learn more we can offer access to authentic Irish sheep farms.

Geese and poultry are important for their meat and eggs

Poultry Tours of Ireland

Chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys are farmed and fattened in Ireland for their meat. Hens and ducks are kept for their eggs.

We can arrange tours of Poultry farms for both meat and egg production.

Our tours are customised to your clients level of interest and size, so our poultry tours can be a part of a wider leisure or agricultural tour of Ireland.

The best land in Ireland is kept for Tillage

Arable Tours of Ireland

Barley, wheat and Oats lead Ireland's tillage farming produce, with Irish wheat and barley leading the world in highest and second highest average yield respectively.

Ireland also has a large fruit and vegetable production capacity, with large specialist operators and small niche producers working side-by-side across a huge array of produce both for internal and export markets.

The best land in the country is saved for the use of Irish Arable Farming. Your group can visit some of these specialist farms as part of our customized farm tours.

Cattle on one of our Beef farm tours
A border collie herding Irish Sheep as seen on our agricultural tours of Ireland
Ireland is famous for its champion horses

Equestrian Tours of Ireland

Irish thoroughbred racehorses are known as some of the best in the world. On our Equestrian Tours of Ireland you can visit the stud farms of Ireland and get close to famous thoroughbreds like Invincible Spirit and Famous Name.

At the stud farms of Ireland you can also learn about the cutting edge breeding practices that keep Irish Race horses internationally competitive.

Coillte run Irish Timber Farming

Forestry Tours of Ireland

Ireland has a diverse range of forested areas, both native forests and commercial plantations. Ireland's forest cover brings a number of benefits. Greater bio-diversity, wildlife conservation & environmental protection, as well as carbon sequestration and timber production.

We can arrange tours of many forests of Ireland, usually farm forests & recreational and amenity forests, but our range of contacts means we can arrange travel to upland and peat forests as well.

The fastest growing agricultural industry in Ireland is Aquaculture

Aquaculture Tours of Ireland

Aquaculture in Ireland is an area of great potential growth, with Ireland's coastline being ideal for fish and oyster farming. The farmed aquatic plants, sea-life and algae are cared for under a controlled environment for optimum yield.

Another niche industry your finding Ireland is based on seaweed, which is used both for eating and in pharmaceutical products.

The South West coastline of Ireland, where the clean waters of the Atlantic Gulf stream first hit Europe, contains many different sea based industries. Mussel farms our common in the bays of West Cork and Kerry, as are fish farms. in this area you'll see the Atlantic trawlers landing their catch, and smaller scale fishing boats operate from the vast majority of ports all around Ireland's coastline.

On our Aquaculture tours your group can see the efforts by Irish farmers to ensure sustainability and to minimise any environmental impact.

Garden Tours of Ireland

Garden Tours of Ireland

Travel around Ireland visiting the most beautiful public & private gardens. We have specialised in providing garden tours of Ireland for over 25 years and in that time have gained a wide range of contacts that can provide access to the most popular gardens, as well as the hidden gems. The gardens, grounds and habitats of Ireland hold their own unique history.

There is something for people of all levels of interest in horticulture on our tours at all times of the year, whether you are touring a garden or two as part of a leisure tour or over for a garden festival.

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Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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