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Orchestra Tours of Ireland

Performance Tours of Ireland for Orchestras and Ensembles including Youth Orchestras, School Orchestras and College Orchestras

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We realise an orchestral trip abroad is a lot of work for an orchestral director between filling out paperwork, setting up fund-raising and the many tasks before the trip even takes place. That's why we have been the choice for hundreds of orchestra's and ensemble's on their trips overseas to Europe. We do everything in our power to lighten the workload once you arrive and make it a trip the orchestra director can enjoy as well. We make your orchestra tour of Ireland fun and easy with no worries over transportation of your valuable instruments or heavy equipment. You can enjoy complete peace of mind with our extensive range of contacts meaning you get the best value and experience. We are cheaper than if you were to book directly with hotels or attractions

Collaborating with Other Ensembles

Discover Ireland Tours like to make it as rich as possible experience for Orchestras on their tour of Ireland. That is why we try to give you the opportunity to meet and perform with other ensembles so that you can experience the cultural differences in terms of pitch, rhythm and teaching methods in Ireland. Perhaps the directors will even see it as an opportunity to network with each other and converse on topics such as methods of music technique and education.

Festival and Events

If you're interested in performing at an event or festival in Ireland please let us know and we can see if there's something suitable for your orchestra on the dates you're interested in travelling. We have a broad range of contacts and can help you with registering for an event. Spring time is a very popular time of year for such events in Ireland and there may even be an opportunity to perform at an open ceremony, concert in a renowned Irish location or at a competition. It is ultimately up to the orchestra director and what they see fit. Have a conversation with us today about what would be your ideal tour!

The Most Appropriate Irish Venues For Your Orchestra

We will carefully select appropriate venues for you depending on orchestra size, your ability, repertoire and your past experience. Ireland has some amazing venues, big and small that will no doubt be of wonderful experience to your orchestra. We will make sure everything is right for you in terms of suitable stage size, the type of venue and acoustics. We will also make sure there are venues for rehearsals available during orchestral performance tours of Ireland.

An orchestra enjoying a splendid performance on orchestra performance tours of Ireland. An orchestra enjoying a splendid performance on orchestra performance tours of Ireland.

Our Orchestra Tours of Ireland

Audiences throughout Ireland can differ, and we can arrange for you to play in front of a multitude of audiences if you feel that would benefit your orchestra. Past orchestras on their orchestra tours of Ireland have found playing to new audiences can offer musicians a chance to feel new responses and enable them to "Play to their audience". This is particularly the case for school orchestra's, college orchestra's and youth orchestras, who's audience might typically be family and friends.

On Orchestral Tours of Ireland

See Ireland Away From The Stage Environment

Whilst you're in Ireland on your orchestra tour, we want to give you the opportunity to see the best of Ireland away from the whole stage environment. Of course, we don't want to take away from the performance and educational aspect of the tour but just want to provide you with options to do as many or as little leisure activities as you so wish. So please let us know the balance you'd like between performing and leisure and we will put together a unique itinerary for your group.

Our goal with the leisure side of the tour is to help develop a strong bond amongst the group which has direct impact on the need for an orchestra to be in sync with one another and deliver a smooth crisp performance. So while you're here why not enjoy the beautiful Irish surroundings of greenery and rugged coastline and the many little quaint restaurants and pubs dotted around every town and village. We can design an itinerary that will help you maximise the correlation between strong friendships and strong ensemble unity!

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School orchestra performing on school orchestra tours of Ireland
Your Orchestra may be able to perform at a concert on orchestral performance tours of Ireland.

What we can include in your Irish Performance Tour


Ireland provides a huge range of accommodation options, from the simple and value to the historic and luxurious. Just let us know the level that's best for you.

Performance and rehearsal venues & Promotion

We can arrange a large variety of performances, from historic venues to parades and festivals.

Instrument Hire

We can arrange rental of the larger instruments for you such as percussion instruments, double basses and 'cellos.

Driver-Guide / Tour Manager

Engaging and knowledgeable, our expert driver-guides & tour managers will bring the vibrant history and culture of Ireland to life for your group.


Why not see some of Ireland's world-famous sites as part of your performance tour?


Transporting you and your instruments in safety and comfort, all your travel needs whilst in Ireland are our responsibility.


Tailored to your Level of Interest

Get the most of what you want out of Ireland. You can choose just how much of your time in Ireland is spent on your special interest and how much time you want to spend sightseeing and enjoying the friendly local culture.

Customized to your Budget

We offer value at every level. Our effective buying power ensures the best prices & tour sizes can be as small or as large as you like. Get in Touch with us about your tour. Our accommodating staff would love to help.

Superior Network of Suppliers

Our suppliers and support staff set us apart from other destination management agents in Ireland. A strong network of contacts is key to a successful trip to Ireland. The technical knowledge, the widest choice, the best value.

Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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Castle gate & Gardens, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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We have pre-existing agreements with all the major attractions, accommodation providers and transport companies in Ireland which means you get the best deal for your client when you book with us.

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Our ability to buy in bulk means we get excellent rates when booking an itinerary. We pass these savings onto you and your clients which means they are a happier customer and you get return business. Let us quote your tour idea today to see just how much you could save by booking your clients tour through us.

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