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Corporate and Incentive Travel by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Corporate and Incentive Travel by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

Corporate and Incentive Travel in Ireland

Corporate and Incentive Travel in Ireland, catering for relaxed, active, motivational and themed incentive tours across north and south Ireland.

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We offer a full range of corporate and incentive travel programmes for The Emerald Isle. Our technical expertise leads the market with expert contacts in a huge range of industries. We can provide tours of Ireland as a reward for your client's workforce with the option to learn from specialist talks and network whilst they are here by visiting some of Ireland's world leading companies.

The Best Options in Incentive Travel Ireland has to Offer

Motivate and Inspire

Our incentive programmes are designed as a catalyst to encourage enthusiasm and improve teamwork amongst your client's customers or workforce. Ireland is a great location for incentive travel, a modern, developed business hub with inspirational, natural sights and attractions in a small area for the perfect retreat.

Improve Employee & Customer Engagement

Our incentive tours can go a long way to fostering customer & employee loyalty. The incentive programmes we have run have a long history across a diverse range of business sectors. Instilling loyalty and drive is a direct result of incentive programmes and your group will feel energised and rewarded with a customized tour of Ireland with us.

Uniquely tailored to your business.

Work with us to design a customized tour for your exact needs. Avoid the hassle that comes with creating a custom tour by talking to the experts. We can accommodate any specifics you would like in your tour, and we can provide a uniquely designed itinerary based on the specific needs and tastes of your group.

Incentive Tours with a personal interest

As a special interest, Irish destination management company we can also design your tour with some particular interests in mind. A few rounds of golf, farm and cottage stays perhaps. Have a look at our special interest tour selection and see if you would like to visit other attractions while sightseeing in Ireland.

Industrial and Technical Visits on your Corporate Tour of Ireland

Many incentive and corporate tours involve a mixture of industrial and technical visits, along with sightseeing and cultural attractions. If you already have an itinerary of the technical visits you would like to do, we can design a package of the accommodation, transport and sightseeing visits to work perfectly with your already fixed plans.

Equally we have a unrivalled range of contacts across a huge array of business and industrial sectors. If you would like us to arrange some technical visits within your area then please just get in touch. We would love to discuss your particular needs with you and then we can suggest some suitable companies and visits that would be ideal for your needs.

Motivate your customers on an incentive tour of Ireland
Reward your employees with a stay in a Castle on an Incentive Tour of Ireland

Corporate Incentive Travel in Ireland that Inspires

A group enjoying themselves like on the best corporate incentive travel Ireland can offer

Truly Unforgettable Experiences

Discover Ireland Tours only design itineraries that provide truly unforgettable experiences for your employees or clients. It is our brand promise to provide a world leading corporate incentive travel programme in Ireland that leaves your employees/client base returning home with the wow factor.

We look to impress at every given opportunity, only selecting the best venues for your budget and using our superior local knowledge to dine our guests in Ireland's favourite restaurants and visit the must see attractions while they're here

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Designed To Meet Your Goals

Every itinerary is designed around meeting the corporate goals of your incentive travel programme in Ireland. Discover Ireland Tours have been the Incentive Travel Company of choice for national and international organisations since 1989 delivering many successful incentive travel trips year in year out.

Set a goal and let us know what you want attendees to leave with and we will design an itinerary to reach that goal. Equally if you have an idea of what you'd like to include in the itinerary please let us know. It all starts with a conversation with you!

A friendly tour guide will accompany you on corporate and incentive travel in ireland

Friendly Tour Manager For Your Group

At Discover Ireland Tours we believe it is vitally important attendees of incentive travel have a point of contact they can go to with any questions or for local insights.

That is why we employ only the most experienced and friendly tour managers/driver guides to make all attendees feel welcomed.

For example, our tour managers/driver guides are more than happy to make restaurant recommendations or reservations for you should you wish to explore the local cuisine some more.

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Employees enjoy stress-busting trips by discover ireland tours, an incentive travel company in Ireland

Fostering Happy and Dedicated Employees

A relaxing, stress busting trip in the Emerald Isle, better known as Ireland, can do wonders for employee happiness, loyalty and dedication.

Ireland is the perfect retreat destination, an island full of picturesque backdrops and rugged coastline, it is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic corporate life. Discover Ireland Tours are destination management experts in Ireland who's expertise and local knowledge ensure you'll see the best of Ireland.

We provide fully customisable Incentive Travel in Ireland meaning we plan your tours according to your goals. If you want a tour that includes meetings we can provide this as well as providing plenty of options for leisure activities while you're here.

In terms of leisure activities you can decide the level you want, as we are always conscious of over-scheduling as well. We get back to you quickly to ensure you have time to build excitement as well as acting as a motive for employees to perform to their best of their ability. Talk to us and Let us put a plan together for you today!

Employees will return home shouting about their incentive travel ireland trip

Ensuring Excellent PR for Your Company

As Ireland's leading incentive travel company, we promise your employees/clients will go home itching to shout to their family, friends and colleagues about their fantastic trip to Ireland with your organisation.

This is powerful word-of-mouth for your company and will not only lead to you being able to retain your best employees but also be top players in attracting the best new talent to your company. We want to help you in breeding a positive corporate culture.

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A couple enjoying wonderful and rewarding memories as part of their corporate incentive travel ireland trip

Truly Rewarding Experiences For Every Budget

At Discover Ireland Tours we are able to offer truly rewarding and memorable experiences for every budget.

Our relationships with suppliers within the hospitality industry means we get lower rates and discounts, meaning we can get you better value with hotels, accommodation and attractions than if you booked yourself.

We understand travel incentives are regarded as a big perk by staff/clients, so that is why we do our best to ensure we provide a once in a lifetime experience that will inspire for a long time to come.

Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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Working with Us - How it Works

Your Inbound Tour Operator for Ireland

Planning the Perfect Tour

If you already have an itinerary in mind then let us quote, and your clients can take advantage of the great rates we get at the accommodations and attractions all across Ireland.

Or we can design the ideal itinerary for your clients. Every itinerary we design is unique, and starts with a conversation with you so we can fully understand the needs of your group. Specialist visits required? Not a problem at all, our range of contacts is unrivalled in the industry and we are uniquely positioned to provide custom special interest tours of Ireland.

Executing the Perfect Tour

As soon as your guests arrive in Ireland, we take over and look after the accommodation, logistics, entertainment and well-being of your group. Your very own authentic and knowledgeable Irish Driver-Guide or Expert Tour Manager is always on hand to provide information about the attractions and local flavour. Always friendly and approachable, your group will have plenty of 'craic' with your professional guide. Your clients are in good hands.

These are your guests. We will brand everything with your name, with us hidden in entirely in the background. Our aim is to make sure they cannot thank you enough for such a great Irish Experience.

  1. Tell us about your group's ideal tour of Ireland

    The first thing is to get in touch and let us know what you are thinking of. Perhaps we can help with suggestions, ideas, and rough expectations of costs too.

  2. We listen and design a custom tour to match

    Let us know what you'd like, and we'll get an exact itinerary together for you. Be as exact or general as you like. If you already know the itinerary you'd like then just let us know, we can arrange it all for you. Less hassle for you, and better rates for your clients due to the great rates we enjoy with attractions and accommodations across Ireland.

  3. Once you're happy, we arrange everything except your flights

    We are experts in all things Ireland, so if you'd like us to suggest and plan for your clients please just ask. Everything from leisure tours to technical special interest tours, we can use our expertise to create the perfect itinerary, whatever your groups needs.

  4. You relax and your clients enjoy their dream vacation in Ireland

    We'll make sure your clients enjoy the perfect tour & a truly seamless experience whilst in Ireland.

    We operate completely in the background on your customized tour. They are your clients, and they'll receive wonderful service with a the tour that's branded in your name.

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Tailored to your Level of Interest

Get the most of what you want out of Ireland. You can choose just how much of your time in Ireland is spent on your special interest and how much time you want to spend sightseeing and enjoying the friendly local culture.

Customized to your Budget

We offer value at every level. Our effective buying power ensures the best prices & tour sizes can be as small or as large as you like. Get in Touch with us about your tour. Our accommodating staff would love to help.

Superior Network of Suppliers

Our suppliers and support staff set us apart from other destination management agents in Ireland. A strong network of contacts is key to a successful trip to Ireland. The technical knowledge, the widest choice, the best value.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Ireland on a corporate incentive trip through Ireland with Discover Ireland Tours.
Sample a quiet pint on of our incentive travel tours of Ireland with Discover Ireland Tours.

Accommodation in Ireland

Historic Castles & Luxury Manor Houses, three, four & five star Hotels or quaint B&B's and Farmhouses. Our contacts and friends are all over the country and we can provide accommodation to suit all. The buying power we have ensures the best prices for you and your guests. Our accommodation options are flexible and customizable, we can work with you to design a unique tour with lodgings tailored to your needs.

Three, Four & Five star Hotels

Our Hotel selection can be customised to you and your clients budget. From lively and centrally located to historic, quaint or secluded.

Castles & Luxury Manors

Ireland is steeped in history. We have the contacts to provide access to some of the finest Castles & Manors in the country.

Irish Farmhouses & B&B's

If your guests want to get close to real Ireland, then quaint B&B's & Farmhouses that dot the countryside are available.

Hostels & Homestay

Popular on our student and educational tours of Ireland, hostels and homestays offer a unique cultural experience as well as a great value option.

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Why Choose us

Let us be your Inbound Tour Operator for Ireland

Local Knowledge

Operating since 1989, we are the leading Irish destination management company, with unrivalled local knowledge. From the iconic sights to the unknown gems, we are your experts for all things Ireland.

Purchasing Power

Our scale and supplier relationships give us excellent purchasing power, giving your clients the very best rates. Booking through us is not only wonderfully easy, but also better value that booking hotels and attractions direct.

Unrivalled Contacts

After 35 years in business our contacts throughout Ireland are industry-leading, including a huge range of specialist options for niche tours.

Branded in Your Name

We are a business-to-business Irish inbound tour operator, and your clients will only see your name. Our aim is to give your clients the best possible experience, giving you the repeat business.

Effortless Tour Planning

As your one-stop solution for everything Ireland, you can relax. Our expertise is here to plan and deliver everything for you and your clients. If you already have an idea of the itinerary then let us quote, and if you would like us to design one for you, well that's what we're here for.

Proven Results

35 years in business and the reputation as Ireland's leading ground handling agent have not come from nothing. Get in touch today and let us show you what we can do.

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Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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Make us part of the conversation from USA / Canada: 011 353 21 437 3624, from Europe: +353 21 437 3624

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Our Vehicles & Driver-Guides

Any Sized Group

From private cars to large coaches, and everything in between, we can provide the ideal vehicle or vehicles for your group. Many vehicles feature tinted windows, guest fridges, air conditioning and leather seats. Should you require something extra-luxurious please just ask.

Safety & Comfort

Our driver-guides have a pristine record of ensuring the guests' safety, comfort and entertainment, and it is their desire to bring fulfilment to all members of your group that set us apart from other DMC's in Ireland. Many vehicles have been downsized, giving your clients extra legroom and comfort.

An Irish Welcome

Our Driver-Guides and Tour Managers are passionate about Ireland, its heritage, and its people. Always on hand to give your clients the inside track on what is the best place for a pint of Guinness or to let you know about the seldom seen gems of Ireland.

Vehicles we can provide:

  • Private Car: ideal for groups of 1 - 3
  • Minibus: groups of 4 - 8, great for families and groups of friends
  • Small Coach: groups of 9 - 16
  • Medium Coach: groups of 17 - 30
  • Large Coach: groups of 31 - 50
  • Multiple coaches: groups of 50+
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What We Can Include

Our Responsibilities as your Destination Management Company for Ireland

Customized itinerary

As a leading Irish DMC we don't do "off-the-shelf" tours of Ireland, all our itineraries our fully customized to each unique group and every itinerary starts with a conversation with you.


From budget to 5 star luxury, contemporary to historic, Ireland has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all groups. We provide the best options at the best rates.

Driver-Guide / Tour Manager

Engaging and highly knowledgeable, our expert-driver guides & tour managers will bring the vibrant history and culture of Ireland to life for your group.


Historic, cultural, iconic, expansive, vibrant; the range and variety of things to see in Ireland is quite incredible. We will plan and arrange everything here to bring the best of Ireland to your group.


Our large range of vehicles, from private cars for two 2 to large coaches for groups of 100+, offer superior comfort for your clients as they journey into Ireland's past and present.

Client satisfaction

As a leading business-to-business inbound tour operator, our job is to make your clients very happy. With everything branded in your name, our aim is to ensure your clients are extremely satisfied and return to you for their next tour.

See the iconic sights of historical Ireland on an incentive travel tour with Discover Ireland Tours.
Breath in the natural beauty of Ireland on an incentive group tour with Discover Ireland Tours.

Attractions in Ireland

Access to all Ireland has to offer

We can arrange entry or access to all of Ireland's attractions and are always available to recommend attractions for you and your clients itinerary.

Whatever your tastes or interest

As special interest tour suppliers we can provide tours for any age or interest group, have a look at our customisable special interest tours and see what tours we can offer.

Leisure Tour Experts of Ireland

Organising special interest tours has not only made us experts in technical and niche tours but has also made us superior when it comes to providing Leisure Tours in Ireland.

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