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Leisure Tours of Ireland by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Leisure Tours of Ireland by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

Leisure tours of Ireland

Leisure tours of Ireland including cultural, historical, scenic and iconic attractions.

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What are Leisure Tours of Ireland?

Our Leisure Tours are escorted travel solutions for tour groups heading to Ireland. These inclusive tours can include Accommodation, Attractions, Transport with Driver-Guide or Driver & Tour Manager, and Meals, though each one is fully customized and can be tailored to your exacting requirements. Run at your own pace, leisure tours of Ireland include plenty of time to explore on your own while experiencing Ireland. Leisure tours often include some of the most iconic sights like the Cliffs of Moher, the Guinness Storehouse, the Ring of Kerry, Blarney Castle & more in one tour of Ireland.

Because no two groups are the same... two itineraries we design are the same either. We do not send you off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter itineraries. Every tour we do is uniquely customized to the needs and tastes of your particular group. Each itinerary we design starts with the discussion with you. We listen, and get to know the needs and desires of your clients, and only then we will go and design the perfect unique tour for your group.

Across our website we mention all sorts of ideas for accommodation, attractions, technical visits to see, transport and much more. Please though do take all of these are just concepts to get your ideas flowing. When it comes to it we always start with a blank piece of paper and a discussion with you, and you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to design and execute the ideal itinerary for your clients.

The leading Inbound Tour Operator in Ireland

As the leading business-to-business Tour Operator in Ireland , we are here to give your clients the very best tour experience.

Everything is branded in your name, with us hidden entirely in the background. Our aim is to make sure your clients return home extremely satisfied with your services, and become long term repeat clients of yours.

Letting Discover Ireland Tours arrange the ground services for your client's Tour of Ireland not only makes for a hassle-free and seamless experience for you, but also gives your clients the very best in value due to the unrivalled buying power we enjoy all across Ireland.

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Historical tours of Ireland
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Some Ideas for Your Clients Leisure Tour of Ireland

As Ireland's premier Destination Management Company (DMC) we have helped plan tour itineraries for an infinite number of groups. This is why we have decided to put together a summary of some of the most popular leisure tour ideas and also some of our personal favourites. Please do only take these as ideas and a means of sparking your own ideas of what you personally would like to do and see during your leisure tour.

A day in County Clare organised by DMC in Ireland, Discover Ireland Tours

A day in County Clare

For many of our tour groups, a Day in County Clare is up there with the highlight of their tour and perhaps the most scenic part of an Irish tour. County Clare is home to the spectacular and infamous Cliffs of Moher and the barren but yet beautiful landscape of the Burren with its fantastic limestone plateaus. The Cliffs of Moher stretch for 8km along the Atlantic Coast of County Clare and reach up to 215m high.

However, it is there ruggedness, green landscape and Atlantic Ocean backdrop that appeals most. They really are a sight to behold. The region also has an impressive flora and fauna profile. The Burren is home to some of the rarest plants in the world. It is always the only place in Europe that you will find Arctic Alpine and Mediterranean plants growing together in unity. The Aillwee Caves are also in close proximity and are worth a visit.

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As a destination management company, we can organise a trip to Ireland's ancient east

Ireland's Ancient East

Travel through time and visit Ireland's Ancient East where you will hear stories of Ireland's past and experience Ireland's deepest traditions. This is Ireland's most mystical journey where behind every small green field and narrow country lane there is a tale to tell. In Ireland's Ancient East this is where you will truly uncover Ireland's way of the past. Visit places like Hill of Tara, Rock of Cashel, Cobh- where the final 123 passengers boarded the Titanic, and the Waterford Viking Triangle. Visit heart-warming less travelled places like the Proposal Stones in Carlingford Lough.

Centuries ago these rocks where lovers sat were believed to be close to fairy trees and forts. If the couple were then to get married at some stage then the fairies were said to bring you luck and protection for the rest of your lives together. Revisit this romantic Irish tradition right by the waters edge at Carlingford Lough Proposal Stones. It is important to remember these are just ideas to give us a basis of what you might be interested in. Every tour is tailored to your requirements and scheduled at your own pace.

Discover the world renowned wild Atlantic way

Discover the acclaimed Wild Atlantic Way

Discover the beauty of Ireland's West Coast and the adventurous path of the Wild Atlantic Way. Travel the windy coastal roads overlooking Ireland's rugged coastline as the waves erode the coastline. On the way visit Ireland's charismatic fishing villages and experience the tranquillity of the small harbour towns as they nestle tucked away from Ireland's fierce exposure to the Atlantic.

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of the most unique and beautiful tour routes in the world and was chosen for the final scene in the latest Star Wars Movie. Skellig Michael where the movie was shot is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Enjoy a shopping excursion organised by your ground-handling-agent

Shopping Excursions in Ireland For Your Group

Amongst Ireland's remote green landscape and rugged coastline, there are towns and cities with plenty of hustle and bustle and a great Irish tradition of fun and friendliness. For the shopaholics amongst the group, enjoy an afternoon or even a day strolling around Ireland's shops and historic streets. Galway, Dublin, Limerick and Cork all offer opportunities for bigger shopping excursions while there also many towns dotted around the country that will be more than worthy for an afternoons shopping excursion.

. If shopping's not for you then no worries, it doesn't have to be included as part of your tour. If you love shopping then let us know and we can perhaps even fit in 2 or 3 days shopping. It is entirely up to you and what you want!

Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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Working with Us - How it Works

Your Inbound Tour Operator for Ireland

Planning the Perfect Tour

If you already have an itinerary in mind then let us quote, and your clients can take advantage of the great rates we get at the accommodations and attractions all across Ireland.

Or we can design the ideal itinerary for your clients. Every itinerary we design is unique, and starts with a conversation with you so we can fully understand the needs of your group. Specialist visits required? Not a problem at all, our range of contacts is unrivalled in the industry and we are uniquely positioned to provide custom special interest tours of Ireland.

Executing the Perfect Tour

As soon as your guests arrive in Ireland, we take over and look after the accommodation, logistics, entertainment and well-being of your group. Your very own authentic and knowledgeable Irish Driver-Guide or Expert Tour Manager is always on hand to provide information about the attractions and local flavour. Always friendly and approachable, your group will have plenty of 'craic' with your professional guide. Your clients are in good hands.

These are your guests. We will brand everything with your name, with us hidden in entirely in the background. Our aim is to make sure they cannot thank you enough for such a great Irish Experience.

  1. Tell us about your group's ideal tour of Ireland

    The first thing is to get in touch and let us know what you are thinking of. Perhaps we can help with suggestions, ideas, and rough expectations of costs too.

  2. We listen and design a custom tour to match

    Let us know what you'd like, and we'll get an exact itinerary together for you. Be as exact or general as you like. If you already know the itinerary you'd like then just let us know, we can arrange it all for you. Less hassle for you, and better rates for your clients due to the great rates we enjoy with attractions and accommodations across Ireland.

  3. Once you're happy, we arrange everything except your flights

    We are experts in all things Ireland, so if you'd like us to suggest and plan for your clients please just ask. Everything from leisure tours to technical special interest tours, we can use our expertise to create the perfect itinerary, whatever your groups needs.

  4. You relax and your clients enjoy their dream vacation in Ireland

    We'll make sure your clients enjoy the perfect tour & a truly seamless experience whilst in Ireland.

    We operate completely in the background on your customized tour. They are your clients, and they'll receive wonderful service with a the tour that's branded in your name.

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Castle gate & Gardens, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

Our Responsibilities:

  • Itinerary Planning & Execution
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Attractions
  • Specialist Visits
  • Transport
  • Expert Driver-Guide / Tour Manager
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction

Your Responsibilities:

  • Flights
  • Taking full credit for a great tour
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Leisure Tours with a Special Interest

If you or your group have a particular interest that you would like to include as part of your tour of Ireland then we can meet your needs. Our wide ranging list of contacts and suppliers can be called upon in order to organise a tour for any interest you can imagine. These tours are designed for a group that is going on a Leisure tour of Ireland but would like their interest incorporated too, and the tour can incorporate a combination of the iconic attractions of Ireland and specific locations and attractions unique to their own particular interest.

Some Examples of leisure tours with a special interest we have done:

Family Heritage

As part of a leisure tour we arranged a leisure tour to Donegal for a family group to reconnect with their ancestors home town and learn more about how they lived.

Lighthouses of Ireland

We have organised a themed leisure tour of Ireland when the visitors had a strong interest in Lighthouses. They saw all manner of lighthouses across Ireland while also taking in the popular Irish sights.

Castles of Ireland

A tour of a selection of Irish castles was put together for a group with an interest in Castles, from charming overgrown ruins to thick walled and intricate castles that are still occupied today.

We also offer Special Interest Tours of Ireland, which include Agricultural Tours, Irish Whiskey Tours, Performance Tours, Faith Based Tours, Student Tours and Incentive Travel to Ireland to name just a few.

Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company Cahir Castle, accommodation by Discover Ireland Tours Destination Management Company

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Make us part of the conversation from USA / Canada: 011 353 21 437 3624, from Europe: +353 21 437 3624

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Accommodation in Ireland

Historic Castles & Luxury Manor Houses, three, four & five star Hotels or quaint B&B's and Farmhouses. Our contacts and friends are all over the country and we can provide accommodation to suit all. The buying power we have ensures the best prices for you and your guests. Our accommodation options are flexible and customizable, we can work with you to design a unique tour with lodgings tailored to your needs.

Three, Four & Five star Hotels

Our Hotel selection can be customised to you and your clients budget. From lively and centrally located to historic, quaint or secluded.

Castles & Luxury Manors

Ireland is steeped in history. We have the contacts to provide access to some of the finest Castles & Manors in the country.

Irish Farmhouses & B&B's

If your guests want to get close to real Ireland, then quaint B&B's & Farmhouses that dot the countryside are available.

Hostels & Homestay

Popular on our student and educational tours of Ireland, hostels and homestays offer a unique cultural experience as well as a great value option.

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Attractions in Ireland

Access to all Ireland has to offer

We can arrange entry or access to all of Ireland's attractions and are always available to recommend attractions for you and your clients itinerary.

Whatever your tastes or interest

As special interest tour suppliers we can provide tours for any age or interest group, have a look at our customisable special interest tours and see what tours we can offer.

Leisure Tour Experts of Ireland

Organising special interest tours has not only made us experts in technical and niche tours but has also made us superior when it comes to providing Leisure Tours in Ireland.

Tell us what we can add to your Irish leisure tour?
The Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin, a view from our Leisure Tours of Ireland.
Conor Pass, County Kerry, enjoy the Irish countryside on our Leisure Tours of Ireland

Our Vehicles & Driver-Guides

Any Sized Group

From private cars to large coaches, and everything in between, we can provide the ideal vehicle or vehicles for your group. Many vehicles feature tinted windows, guest fridges, air conditioning and leather seats. Should you require something extra-luxurious please just ask.

Safety & Comfort

Our driver-guides have a pristine record of ensuring the guests' safety, comfort and entertainment, and it is their desire to bring fulfilment to all members of your group that set us apart from other DMC's in Ireland. Many vehicles have been downsized, giving your clients extra legroom and comfort.

An Irish Welcome

Our Driver-Guides and Tour Managers are passionate about Ireland, its heritage, and its people. Always on hand to give your clients the inside track on what is the best place for a pint of Guinness or to let you know about the seldom seen gems of Ireland.

Vehicles we can provide:

  • Private Car: ideal for groups of 1 - 3
  • Minibus: groups of 4 - 8, great for families and groups of friends
  • Small Coach: groups of 9 - 16
  • Medium Coach: groups of 17 - 30
  • Large Coach: groups of 31 - 50
  • Multiple coaches: groups of 50+
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University Building in Galway City ireland University Building in Galway City ireland

Branded In Your Name

Our tours run under your name. We take care of your clients, with everything taken care of from their arrival until we pass them back to book with you again.

Peace of Mind

We do all the legwork. At Discover Ireland Tours we understand the complexities of putting a trip around Ireland together. From the sights and attractions, to the service, Expert Guides, Vehicles and Accommodation, our years of experience as a leading destination management company means that our tours offer a complete and seamless experience for your guests.

What We Can Include

Our Responsibilities as your Destination Management Company for Ireland

Customized itinerary

As a leading Irish DMC we don't do "off-the-shelf" tours of Ireland, all our itineraries our fully customized to each unique group and every itinerary starts with a conversation with you.


From budget to 5 star luxury, contemporary to historic, Ireland has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all groups. We provide the best options at the best rates.

Driver-Guide / Tour Manager

Engaging and highly knowledgeable, our expert-driver guides & tour managers will bring the vibrant history and culture of Ireland to life for your group.


Historic, cultural, iconic, expansive, vibrant; the range and variety of things to see in Ireland is quite incredible. We will plan and arrange everything here to bring the best of Ireland to your group.


Our large range of vehicles, from private cars for two 2 to large coaches for groups of 100+, offer superior comfort for your clients as they journey into Ireland's past and present.

Client satisfaction

As a leading business-to-business inbound tour operator, our job is to make your clients very happy. With everything branded in your name, our aim is to ensure your clients are extremely satisfied and return to you for their next tour.

People toasting the Barman in a pub in Ireland. Enjoy a pub culture tour of Ireland with Discover Ireland Tours.
A man outside a pub playing Music. Enjoy musical tour of Ireland with Discover Ireland Tours.

Why Choose us

Let us be your Inbound Tour Operator for Ireland

Local Knowledge

Operating since 1989, we are the leading Irish destination management company, with unrivalled local knowledge. From the iconic sights to the unknown gems, we are your experts for all things Ireland.

Purchasing Power

Our scale and supplier relationships give us excellent purchasing power, giving your clients the very best rates. Booking through us is not only wonderfully easy, but also better value that booking hotels and attractions direct.

Unrivalled Contacts

After 35 years in business our contacts throughout Ireland are industry-leading, including a huge range of specialist options for niche tours.

Branded in Your Name

We are a business-to-business Irish inbound tour operator, and your clients will only see your name. Our aim is to give your clients the best possible experience, giving you the repeat business.

Effortless Tour Planning

As your one-stop solution for everything Ireland, you can relax. Our expertise is here to plan and deliver everything for you and your clients. If you already have an idea of the itinerary then let us quote, and if you would like us to design one for you, well that's what we're here for.

Proven Results

35 years in business and the reputation as Ireland's leading ground handling agent have not come from nothing. Get in touch today and let us show you what we can do.

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Our Range of Special Interest Tours of Ireland:

We also offer Leisure Tours all across Ireland North and South.

Irish beef farm special interest tours
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Whiskey Tours of Ireland
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Garden, horticultural and botanical tours of Ireland
See Garden Tours
Religion and faith based tours of Ireland. Ancient churches and pilgrimages
See Faith Tours
Our performance tours can include rehearsals and performances in venues all over Ireland
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Incentive travel, technical talks and leisure tours of Ireland.
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